300 profitable small business 2022 | Small capital projects

300 profitable small business 2022 | Small capital projects


We publish the ideas of very profitable small projects by 300, as many young people are looking for profitable small projects so that through these projects they can develop their capital and achieve their goals and professional ambitions in light of the current economic conditions, and in light of high unemployment rates, and young people are looking for 300 profitable small business to ensure its success, in most cases, the capital of the project is a loan obtained by the person from a bank or institution, and the young owner of the project wants to ensure the success of his project, and during this article, ideas will be presented for 300% profitable small projects.


300 profitable small business


There are many successful projects that are included in the list of profitable small projects, which work to develop the country’s economy and achieve profit for its owner at the same time, and the reason for calling these projects by this name is that the costs of small projects are simple and generate abundant profit, and among those projects are the following


Gentlemen T-shirt trade project: 300 profitable small business


300 profitable small business ،The T-shirt trade project is among the list of small projects profitable by 300%, as the trade of gentlemen T-shirts is being put forward by many companies and factories, and the demand for them increases in order to print them, and some studies have shown that workers in the field of T-shirt printing need large quantities One of those T-shirts to print on.


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Factory owners and companies need different colors of plain T-shirts, whether white, black, yellow, blue, green, or other colors, in order to be sold to companies and then sold to citizens, and it is worth noting here that there are no distributors working in the field of distributing plain T-shirts for This field is very profitable because there is no major competition in it, so it is possible to sell large quantities of T-shirts to factories and companies and achieve a large profit margin.

After starting this project, it can be expanded and a feasibility study is conducted for the T-shirt printing project, to pave the way for another project.


The project of trafficking in ornamental birds without a shop


300 profitable small business ،The ornamental bird breeding project is among the list of the best small projects profitable by 300%, as raising birds is one of the favorite things for many people, as many people seek to raise ornamental birds in homes, because of the sweet sound of this type of birds. And cheerful colors and bird breeding can be made a source of income where it is raised to produce a new generation of birds and then sell and benefit from its price.

Several feasibility studies have confirmed the increased demand for trade in birds and ornamental birds, due to the desire of many people to raise birds at home and trade in them and benefit from them by establishing a very profitable small project, and one of the most important factors for success in this project is the proper handling of birds and their feeding Sound and complete knowledge of birds breeding, as it is a project with a small capital over time that achieves abundant profits.


rabbit breeding project: 300 profitable small business


The rabbit breeding project is a 300 profitable small business, as raising rabbits is one of the easy things that most families know, especially mothers and grandmothers, but during the present time with the decrease in the number of citizens who raise rabbits, the rabbit breeding project is one of the very profitable small projects Which generates an abundant profit for its owners, due to the short production cycle and the large increase in the number of rabbits, as rabbits are characterized by fertility and abundance in production.

Rabbit meat is one of the types of meat rich in protein and at the same time very low in fat, in addition to its low cholesterol, which is why the demand for rabbits increases.


real estate office project

A real estate office project is suitable for young people in general, and also for employees, who work in the public sector, as this project is being worked on during the afternoon period, i.e. after the expiry of the basic work period during the morning. It needs a large capital, in addition, it is a 300 profitable small business.


Car rental project: 300% profitable small business

300 profitable small business ،A car rental office project needs a large capital in the beginning so that its owner can buy at least 10 new cars as a start for the project, and then he can expand from the profits of this project.


pet shop project

The pet shop project is one of the very successful and profitable small projects. This project may generate thousands of pounds for its owners per month, but one of the most important conditions for the success of this project is having experience in the field of animal husbandry and care, and good marketing for this project.


Furniture transfer project: 300% profitable small business

The project of moving furniture and baggage is one of the 300% profitable small businesses in the event that the person has acted in this business, the new marketing of the project, and the necessary advertising for it.

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