How do you choose a logo that fits your business?

A logo that fits your business, The commercial logo directly symbolizes your business, it is a mixture of words and colors, and the first thing new customers look at, its goal is to create a visual message, capable of addressing the eye and the mind in a moment of time, hence its importance. For the same reason, it requires business owners and commercial projects, as well as designers, to choose the types of logos that suit their business in particular.


Logo Definition – A logo that fits your business


A logo that fits your business, Logo is a visual design, used to identify many institutions such as companies and organizations, whether they are profit or charitable, national or international. It is the embodiment of her visual identity, which enables the world to identify her and distinguish her from others. However, this does not mean that the logo does not receive attention from the customer, who also interacts with these brands, as the logo for him represents an expression of his personal identity, and may also reflect his social status; The value of what we wear or use is reduced primarily to the brand, which is expressed by the logo on it.

The logo consists of several elements. It may include a real or drawn image, as well as letters and symbols. The logo is designed based on only one of the elements, and it can be mixed as needed. As for the colors, one or more colors may be relied upon, depending on the activity represented by the brand.


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Despite the many types of logos, there are a number of commonalities between them, which must be taken into account while designing them. A successful logo is one that is distinctive and unique in terms of its content and form, and this is what helps highlight the value and privacy of the organization or company it represents. Simplicity is also one of the pillars of the ideal logo, as the challenge lies in finding a great logo idea, translated into a simplified design, capable of conveying and communicating the idea of ​​brand activity. In addition to the above, the logo must be clear and unambiguous, and not subject to interpretation.



Types of logos and their names – A logo that fits your business


First: Lettermark

A logo that fits your business, As is clear from its name, it is a type of logo that consists of letters only, and these letters are often taken from the beginning of each word in the name of the company or organization that it symbolizes. Who among us does not know HP, CNN, or IBM, they are global corporations, whose logo consists of the initials of their full name.

By using simple letters, we can get a distinctive logo that is easy to remember, this type allows for the creation of a brand with the utmost simplicity and beauty, as it is possible to shorten the long names of brands, and turn them into a meaningful logo associated with its name. Who knows the National Aeronautics and Space Administration! Perhaps a few of us, but did you know that we are talking about the famous NASA.

One of the advantages of this type is that it is characterized by its ease of design, and it can also be used in various forms of promoting your activity (cards, posters, social networks, etc.). If you want to use a logo that is flexible and adaptable to different situations, this is definitely the right fit.


When do you use the lettering logo? – A logo that fits your business

A logo that fits your business, If you have a two or three-word name that is too complex for potential customers to remember, it is best to opt for a monogram, we focus on simplicity and the result is an impactful and modern logo.

If you tend to combine simplicity with aesthetics, then stay away from complexity.


What you should pay attention to when choosing an initials logo

A logo that fits your business, If your company isn’t already established or isn’t very popular, it’s a good idea to add your full name in the small form under the logo, so people can recognize you right away.


Inspirational Initials Logo Examples – A logo that fits your business

  • CNN’s logo
  • IBM logo


Second: the logo of texts or keywords Wordmark – A logo that fits your business

A logo that fits your business, Similar to a logo made only of letters, a text mark is a logo that is also made up of the letters that make up the company name alone. This type of logo is suitable when the company has a short and cool name, which can serve as a name and a logo at the same time. When the company name is attractive, it becomes very appropriate to turn it into a logo, especially with a good design, based on simplicity and good use of colors.

An example of this is the logo that Google uses, as it expresses the name of the company in itself, which makes it well-established in the mind.

Since the focus will be on your name, which is the same as your logo, you have to pay attention to the quality and shape of the font that will be used, as the size and type of font vary according to the activity, if fashion and jewelry companies tend to use italics and thin fonts, legal or human rights agencies prefer fonts and texts traditional.

This logo makes it possible to mix more than one language, which makes it more attractive and inclusive. However, it may not convey enough information about your business to your target audience, which can reduce interest in your brand.


When do you use a text logo? – A logo that fits your business

A logo that fits your business, If you are a young business, and you want your brand to have a special place in the minds of customers, any long name can seem confusing.
If you can give your activity a name that consists of one distinct word, then this type of name is suitable as a professional logo, which can easily be ingrained in the mind.
If you want to promote products, you can gain its reputation from the name of the company, which is the same as its approved logo, which is placed on all products in a decent manner.

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