AIG life insurance 2023 review


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If you’re looking for life insurance, AIG offers a variety of terms to choose from.

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Purchase life insurance can help protect your loved ones if you die relatively early in life. Some people also use products like whole life insurance to invest or as a source of liquidity to potentially access in his lifetime.

But with so many life insurance providers to choose from, it can get confusing for consumers. Here, we’ll take a look at what AIG Life Insurance offers (note that AIG Life Insurance has been rebranded as Corebridge Financial).

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Overview of AIG Life Insurance

AIG Life Insurance/Corebridge Financial offers life insurance and retirement products under one umbrella. The organization offers term life insurancepermanent life insurance and final expense insurance, which is a type whole life insurance.

Corebridge Financial is a publicly traded company, which some people might like, considering factors like financial disclosure requirements for public companies.

AIG/Corebridge issues life insurance policies through American General Life Insurance Company, except in New York, where policies are issued through The United States Life Insurance Company. Both organizations have high financial strength ratings, including A2 ratings from Moody’s (meaning they are subject to low credit risk on Moody’s scale), A ratings from AM Best, A+ ratings from Fitch and A+ ratings from Standard & Poor’s.

Cost of AIG life insurance

AIG/Corebridge Financial offers competitive rates compared to other life insurance providers. While the exact costs can vary greatly depending on factors such as your age and health, the company offers a range of options that can help you find a policy within your budget.

That being said, it’s good to compare rates for your specific situation. A life insurance provider may have higher quotes than its competitors at one end of the coverage scale while being at the lower end for smaller policies, for example.

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life insurance quote examples

The quotes below are based on $500,000 coverage for a 20-year term life insurance policy.


At national scale

haven of life

40 year old man




40 year old woman




50 year old man




50 year old woman




Quotes for men are based on being 5’9″, 160 pounds, living in Texas, being in excellent health and never smoked. Quotes for women are based on being 5 ‘4″, 140 pounds, living in Texas, being in excellent health and having never smoked.

AIG Life Insurance Professionals

AIG/Corebridge Financial has several positives about its life insurance policies, such as:

  • Good financial strength ratings: If you take out a life insurance policy, you want to be confident in the company’s ability to pay claims. Thus, Corebridge’s strong ratings could reassure policyholders.
  • Options for no-medical policies: In some cases, Corebridge FINancial offers options to issue policies without requiring an in-person visit. medical exam. If you are in the 18-59 age bracket, you may be eligible to get approved coverage simply through telephone screening through its Agile Underwriting+ program.
  • Lots of term lengths: If you are looking for a term life insurance policy, you may be trying to protect yourself against a specific risk, such as dying before you finish paying your mortgage, which could put your spouse in a difficult situation. Fortunately, AIG/Corebridge offers many terms, ranging from 10 to 35 years, not just sticking to the standard five-year increments. Purchasing a 23-year term life insurance policy, for example, can give you the specific coverage you’re looking for if you have, say, 23 years left on your 30-year mortgage.

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Against AIG Life Insurance

While there are several advantages to choosing AIG/Corebridge Financial life insurance, some disadvantages to consider include:

  • Limited financial services products: Although Corebridge Financial offers financial services products in addition to life insurance, such as annuities and employer-sponsored pension plans, some people might like to choose a life insurer they know through others financial services products, such as auto insurance or wealth management offerings. The narrow scope could also limit the possibilities of grouping discounts.
  • Maximums may not be enough for some people: The company appears to offer coverage for up to $2 million when requesting a quote online, although greater coverage may be available in some cases. Still, some other providers make it easier to get more coverage amounts. So if you have a high income, for example, you might not find the cover you’re looking for as easily as with other insurers.
  • Go through a rebrand: The renaming of AIG to Corebridge Financial is still ongoing in some areas, such as the renaming of AIG Direct to Corebridge Direct for life insurance quotes. The company note that “We are currently updating our websites and materials to reflect this change. Rest assured, whether you are seeing Corebridge or AIG, you are in the right place.” Still, you may get confused, for example if you are looking for other AIG life insurance reviews and you are unsure whether these refer to before or after the switch to Corebridge.

The bottom line

Overall, AIG Life Insurance, now called Corebridge Financial, offers relatively affordable rates for term and permanent life insurance, and the company has high financial strength ratings. This may make it a good option for many people looking for life insurance. However, if you’re looking to get your life insurance from the same company where you buy all your other types of insurance, for example, it might not be the best choice.

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