Best source of passive income 2023 !!!

Best source of passive income is the permanent income that an individual regularly receives from a particular job, without the need for continuous effort in this work.

One of the best sources of passive income from the Internet is digital products, which are intangible products that are distributed and sold over the Internet, without the need for a source to physically store them. So how do you make passive income selling your digital products?


Why is selling digital products one of the Best source of passive income from the Internet?


Best source of passive income, There are many sources of passive income, but reliance on selling digital products comes at the forefront of these sources, for the following reasons:


1. Maximizing profit with easy production | Best source of passive income

The process of producing digital products is characterized by low cost and ease of production in terms of operations. There is no need for a place to store products, ship them to customers, or pay salaries to employees responsible for these tasks, as there is with physical products. Rather, they are sold online, so the cost is reduced and there is an opportunity to make the largest possible profit from selling it. What makes you invest your effort only in developing the right digital product.


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The sale of digital products also has a great potential to automate the process of selling and delivery of products, as you do not need to interfere in the matter, but once it is sold on a platform specialized in selling products, the process of buying and selling automatically occurs on the site when customers want to buy products. Thus, you can focus your efforts on the important things only, such as; Marketing the product to reach many potential customers, or developing it occasionally.


2. Continuity of profit from selling digital products


Best source of passive income, Digital products are characterized by a real opportunity for sustainability in the sales process, as you can sell your digital products without restrictions, and they are characterized by a great ability to expand sales, and then the possibility of achieving more profits by producing them. This makes it one of the best passive income ideas on the internet.

For example, if you sell a resume template, this product has the advantage of being used by a large number of customers. It can be sold to all people looking for work, regardless of the jobs they apply for, or the different job grades for each of them. Also, looking for a job is an ongoing process, people will always need a CV to apply for jobs.


3. Diversity of digital product customers

The need to use digital products is constantly evolving, as there is a large segment of customers who buy these products, so more products can be created for diverse markets, and to include the needs of more groups of the public.

For example, if you are developing WordPress themes, you can sell themes to various types of businesses such as e-stores, blogs, corporate websites, and other businesses. Thus, it is possible to attract more customers and increase potential sales.


4. Possibility to issue multiple usage licenses | Best source of passive income


Best source of passive income, The sale of digital products is characterized by the possibility of issuing various use licenses for these products, as they can be sold with a license for personal use, commercial use, or institutional use. This is an advantage in selling digital products, because it allows you to sell products with different licenses, and each license has its own price, which helps you increase your profits.

For example, a product may include two basic licenses, a personal use license that allows the product to be used only once, and a commercial license that allows it to be used more often. The price of the commercial license may be several times the personal license, so you get more profits even though you are selling the same product.


5. Personal marketing from selling digital products

As a freelancer, you can benefit greatly from selling digital products. In addition to being a good source of passive income from the Internet, it is a good way to personally market your services, and you can rely on it to increase your chances of success in freelancing.

Selling digital products makes you appear like a professional in your field, due to the quality of the digital product you sell, and some customers may want to use you to implement their own projects in your field or provide after-sales services for your digital products or complementary services, which enhances the increase Your income from self-employment.

What types of digital products can you sell?
What types of digital products can you sell?

What types of digital products can you sell?


Best source of passive income, There are many digital products that can be sold for passive income from the internet, and these products are developing day by day, any product can take digital form and sell it. Among the most important types of digital products:


web applications | Best source of passive income

Web applications are an essential digital product that helps website owners build and improve their functionality in a fundamental way. Examples of important web applications are WordPress plugins that contribute to improving the work of sites on WordPress, or extensions that are added to browsers such as Google Chrome.


Website Templates | Best source of passive income

Templates express the general appearance of the site, and site owners are keen to choose the appropriate template for their sites, or for their landing pages. So, website templates are one example of a popular digital product for making passive income online. WordPress templates or HTML templates can be sold, as well as templates for online stores including WooCommerce, and other types of sites.


Ready-to-use templates

Best source of passive income, Ready-to-use templates are another example of a popular digital product, as templates can be sold in a variety of industries. For example, you can sell ready-made templates for a resume, or templates for various presentations such as introducing companies, and other ready-made templates.


designs | Best source of passive income

Designs are widely used these days, either in websites such as social media designs, or print designs such as personal business cards or employee ID card, and various other designs.


mobile applications

Reliance on mobile applications increases for people and business owners at the same time. So, selling mobile apps is one example of a digital product. This includes different applications, whether for Android or iOS.


How do you start selling digital products?

Best source of passive income , To start selling digital products, and making passive income from the Internet, it is necessary to go through a set of steps:


1. Choose the right product idea | Best source of passive income


In the beginning, it is necessary to determine the idea of ​​​​the appropriate digital product. Rely on your previous experiences, or projects that you have already implemented before, to know the best areas in which you can develop your digital product. For example, if you have experience as a mobile app developer, this experience can be used to make a mobile app and sell it as a digital product.

Not only do you have previous projects that you have already worked on, but you can also rely on your current skills to choose the right product idea, even if you haven’t offered your services using these skills yet. For example, if you have the skill of preparing presentations, use this skill to prepare presentation templates to sell as a digital product.


2. Determine the target customers

Best source of passive income ,Although digital products can be sold to a large base of customers, it is important to think carefully about the target group of the product you are selling. It is not a requirement to sell your product to everyone, because each category has its own needs in the product, and they are looking for certain characteristics to use it.

When you succeed in defining the customer’s personality for your product, you will be able to customize it to suit the needs of your target group, thus increasing the likelihood of them buying the product, and making you more able to customize your marketing messages to them when they start selling, ensuring that the chances of selling the product are increased.


3. Build a product or two at most | Best source of passive income


Best source of passive income, After you have chosen the right product idea, and made sure that there is a strong need for the product, and that you are able to target a specific category to sell to it, you can move to the stage of actually building the product. It is important at this stage to turn your perceptions into a real powerful digital product, as the idea alone is not enough, but the product must be developed in the appropriate way to use it as a digital product.

In the beginning, don’t try to sell several products, but focus your efforts on building one or two products at most. This will help you to allocate your effort to this product, rather than getting distracted trying to build more than one product at the same time. In addition, this product will give you customer opinions, which can be relied on to improve your product, thus avoiding this in the future when you start developing other products.


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