Secrets of Excellence at Work : 4 secrets to make your project more special

Secrets of Excellence at Work


Secrets of Excellence at Work ،Everyone of us desires excellence, whether in work, study, or in life in general, but this distinction comes first to our business, projects, or trade, and with the high price of excellence, we quickly retreat from this desire and give in to what is routine or usual for us. us, and in the end we complain that we have not achieved the success we wish for.

Frankly, our living reality in our time does not tolerate boring or routine people, especially when we talk about the world of work. You’re good, product or service, or the businessman you want him to hire you for his company, or give you a job promotion in the company.

We previously mentioned that the price of excellence is exorbitant, but this does not mean that it is impossible or that it is not possible to learn.. And because excellence is the beautiful face of difference, we cannot put some phrases in a ready-made template that will give you a magic recipe for excellence, but we provide conditions and rules if we adhere to It will make you have the qualifications to reach him.


Keep interacting with your customers| Secrets of Excellence at Work


Secrets of Excellence at Work ،A condition that seems simple, but achieving it is not easy at all, even the largest companies sometimes fail to maintain interaction with their customers, and put them boring artificial intelligence software that makes them bored on customer service pages.

But in reality, dear reader, there is no better alternative than real and honest interaction, so do not buy artificial intelligence software to pretend your interaction with people, as communication between humans helps build trust and positive links between the company and customers. It also keeps you informed about the choices and preferences of your customers or clients.

Secrets of Excellence at Work ،Depending on the nature of your business, the ideal interaction pattern varies, for example, but is not limited to, you can appear in a live broadcast on your Facebook page, interact with customers’ comments, and answer their questions through the messages they direct to the company’s page. This helps a lot in building real and solid bonds between you and your customers or clients and creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty between the two sides.

As this applies to the owners of companies, it also applies to employees, if you show your manager an excellent interaction plan to communicate with customers or with other employers, then you will turn from just an ordinary employee to an indispensable pillar of the company.


The balance between planning and implementation between dreams and reality | Secrets of Excellence at Work

Secrets of Excellence at Work : 4 secrets to make your project more special
Secrets of Excellence at Work : 4 secrets to make your project more special


Secrets of Excellence at Work ،The balance between planning and implementation is one of the strategies for excellence in work that helps in achieving career excellence, as you must plan for the work that you will do and then implement it appropriately according to the plan.

However, the implementation of the plan in an identical manner is almost impossible, and the usual employees usually make the mistake of blaming themselves for their shortcomings, and this goes beyond that, to the effect of affecting their relationship with the environment, as a result of this failure.

Secrets of Excellence at Work ،To show your functional excellence, you must have the ability to modify the plan in the most appropriate way to achieve the required goals, and this is the result of accumulated scientific and practical experiences and practices that help you excel in the planning and implementation stages. It is necessary to allocate sufficient time for the two phases and to refer to them every period for comparison in order to achieve the desired goals.

If you are a trader or an investor, you shouldn’t waste a lot of your time daydreaming like: “If I sell so much, I’ll earn so-and-if I advertise with X, I’ll win crowds of customers, but hey, do I have the resources to serve them?” !”.

These dreams will not help you stand out, but implementing them within a very successful and elaborate plan and putting a lot of effort into it will do it.


Separate your private life, feelings, and problems from your work


How Do I Balance My Personal Life And Professional Life? | by Jayapal Reddy | Medium


Secrets of Excellence at Work ،Many people have good ideas, which are accompanied by the brilliant genius and a great capacity for diligence, but they fail because they leave life’s accidents and endless calamities to affect them, and if they achieve today, they will not be able to achieve tomorrow.

Life is difficult, we know that and every day we hear bad news, and every day something new happens to us about family problems in the house of a family member’s illness. All these factors and many more contribute greatly to changing your mood and your mood, in turn, affects the achievement of quality and professionalism at work.

For this, as we noted in the previous point, always get used to separating your psychological state and your work, if you are sitting mourning your luck and depressed in one of the rooms and remembering that there is work accumulated around you, so go and go to your knowledge, complete it completely, then go back and face your problems, nothing comes in life with complaints, complaints and sorrows No matter how deep it is, it won’t kill you, kill it yourself with your own work and self-satisfaction.


Your real capital is only your time | Secrets of Excellence at Work


5 Science-Based Time-Management Tips | FlexJobs


Secrets of Excellence at Work ،You have never and will never hear of a person who has reached excellence in his work, his trade, or anything else, and is negligent in organizing his time. This may seem like a general statement that we hear a lot, but it is the truth that is repeated over and over again without us paying attention to it.

We find by experience that a person who organizes his time can perform 3 times the normal work compared to a person who does not do so.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that time management means putting yourself in the office for 5 hours, then going shopping for an hour, and so on. Rather, the real meaning of time management is the ability to focus your attention on one work that you complete completely and completely within a carefully and thoughtfully specified time.

Secrets of Excellence at Work ،You may spend 5 hours at your desk and you don’t get anything done. You get a message from So-and-so and you reply to it. Then you feel hungry and eat a small meal. Then you find that your head is a little heavy after eating, and you decide that it’s time for a break, and so the day goes on and you don’t progress an inch.

On the other hand, the person who organizes his time will not pay attention to any messages that come to him at work time, and will not care about his fleeting feeling of hunger because lunchtime has not yet come, and in the end, he will focus well on completing the work he has set his sights on because he is strict with himself and refuses to leave it until it is finished.

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