strategic management 2023 and What are the stages of strategic management?

Achieving organizational goals requires planning and patience strategic management 2023 can help companies reach their goals. Strategic management ensures the implementation of the necessary steps to reach the business goal at the company level.

In this article, we will define strategic management, explain how strategic management works and its stages, discuss the purpose of strategic management and provide an example of strategic management.

What is strategic management 2023?

strategic management 2023 can be defined as the strategic use of the company’s resources to reach the company’s goals and objectives. Strategic management requires thinking about the processes and procedures within the organization as well as the external factors that may affect how the company operates.

The strategic management process should guide higher-level actions and decisions. Companies of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from practicing strategic management.

Strategic management includes defining corporate goals, analyzing competitors’ actions, reviewing the organization’s internal structure, evaluating existing strategies and emphasizing the implementation of corporate-wide strategies.

strategic management 2023 is the sum of strategic planning and strategic thinking. Strategic planning is setting achievable goals. Strategic thinking is the ability to identify an organization’s needs to achieve established goals through strategic planning.

How does strategic management 2023 work?

Strategic management can be either prescriptive or descriptive. Descriptive strategic management means developing strategies in advance of an organizational matter. Descriptive strategic management means putting strategies into practice when needed. Both approaches to strategic management use management theory and practices.

While senior management is responsible for implementing strategies, ideas, objectives or organizational challenges can come from any member of the company. Many companies hire strategists whose jobs are to think and plan strategically to improve the company’s functionality.

There are four steps of strategic management:

  • analysis
  • formation – composition
  • Execution
  • evaluation

1. Analysis : strategic management 2023

Before planning a new strategic process, you should evaluate the current process to achieve your goal. what is the job? And what is not working? What inputs from organizational stakeholders can you gather?

This is the time to answer any questions that will help solidify the necessary elements of the strategic plan. A SWOT analysis, or identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is a useful tool.

1. Composition/formation

Once you have the information you need, it’s time to create an action plan to reach the goal. Make sure the steps are clear, focused and directly relevant to the goal. Prepare easy-to-understand implementation guidelines if the process or action will affect many people within the organization.

2. Execution : strategic management 2023

Follow the steps outlined in your strategic plan. Ensure that all stakeholders implement the plan as designed for maximum efficiency.

3. Evaluation

Evaluate the final product. Did you achieve your goal? Was the process carried out appropriately at the company level? Based on your answers to these questions, you can think and revise as needed.

What is the purpose of strategic management 2023?

strategic management 2023 offers many benefits to companies that use it, including:

  • Competitive advantage: Strategic management gives companies an advantage over competitors because its proactive nature means that your company will always be aware of the changing market.
  • Achieving Objectives: Strategic management helps keep objectives achievable by using a clear and dynamic process for step formulation and implementation.
  • Sustainable Growth: strategic management 2023 is proven to lead to more efficient organizational performance, resulting in manageable growth.
  • Cohesive organization: Strategic management requires communication and implementation of goals at the company level. An organization working in unison towards an objective is more likely to achieve this objective.
  • Increasing managerial awareness: Strategic management means looking to the future of the company. If managers do this consistently, they will be more aware of industry trends and challenges. By implementing strategic planning and thinking, they will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

An example of strategic management 2023

The furniture company “Arabian Furniture” is preparing to introduce a new line of kitchen tables, and has begun investing in this type of table. They decide to implement strategic management to ensure that product release runs smoothly, efficiently and consistently across all of their retail locations.

1. Analysis : strategic management 2023

In the past, Arab Furniture has suffered from inconsistent marketing and incorrect shipping costs with the launch of new products at multiple retail locations. Before releasing their new kitchen table line, they decided to do a SWOT analysis to see how they could improve the process.

strength point:

  1. Product quality
  2. Several sites for easy purchase
  3. Fixed shipping price


  1. Poor communication between store managers and store employees
  2. Shipping price is applied multiple times in some stores
  3. Inconsistent marketing strategy


  1. Unified Marketing
  2. transparent fee


The main competitor of “Arabian Furniture” released a range of kitchen tables in the last quarter.

2. Configuration : strategic management 2023

Using their SWOT analysis, “Furniture” develops a strategic management 2023 plan for launching their kitchen countertops. It includes providing consistent marketing guarantees, both physical and digital, to all retail locations.

Finally, it creates an internal messaging system so that store managers can quickly and easily communicate with each other about challenges and successes in their stores.

3. Execution

One month prior to the release of the new kitchen countertops, the marketing team provides marketing guarantees to all retail stores. Each store is given the same guidelines on how to effectively implement the marketing elements.

And two weeks before launch, store managers as a group are being trained on the new messaging system. Coaches ask questions and make sure that every manager has a messaging service set up on the company’s cell phone and desktop computer so they can be accessed at all times.

One week prior to launch, a representative from corporate headquarters trains each retail employee on how to appropriately apply shipping costs to the sale process. Managers are also present to make sure this process is carried out properly with clients.

4. Rating : strategic management 2023

strategic management 2023 – They found that the marketing plan drove consumers to the retail location closest to them to see the tables in person. The internal messaging system was not sufficiently exploited by most managers, and many of the clients did not like to see them on their phones while they were on the ground.

There were no issues with shipping costs during this release. Strategic managers take this data and use it when they start planning their next new product release.

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