Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed break down the heart-wrenching Scallison wallet scene


[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie. Read at your own risk!]

Allison (Crystal Reed) finally came back from the dead Teen Wolf: The Movie. It wasn’t a fever dream or one of his ancient ancestors appearing in an origin story. It was our dear Allison, really back…but with a twist. A special spell brought Allison back from the place between life and death where she had apparently been stuck for 15 years (v. Teenage wolf time), but he returned to Beacon Hills with no memories beyond being Argent and his sole purpose was to kill werewolves.

It’s pretty damn problematic when the love of your life is also a werewolf! It took Scott (Tyler Posey) about 90 percent of the movie to fully remind Allison of who he was and who they were to each other — and actually Lydia’s (Holland Roden) banshee scream did — but the key turning point in their relationship happened a little earlier in the movie. After battling through hospitals and Beacon Hills, Scott allowed Allison to stab him with a blade covered in wolf cane and drag him to a college lacrosse field for a nogitsune “divine move”.

As they waited for the trickster spirit to work out the rest of his diabolical plan, they finally could talkand what unfolded was an emotional tête-à-tête that created a Hall of Fame-worthy Scallison moment.

“I just got big chills when you guys talked about it right now, because this scene probably means the most to me in this movie,” Posey told TV Guide promoting the film. The scene was simple, with Scott bleeding out as he used the last of his energy to try to convince Allison of his connection to him and the rest of the pack.

“That scene was hard for us to film. It was a long couple of days,” Reed said. “It was the first time he starts to remember, and I think the emotionality of that scene surprised me. I didn’t prepare for it that way. Just playing Tyler’s performance brought it up in me.”

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Posey admitted that filming the sequence was challenging, but it became one of his favorite memories of making the film. “I really loved taking Scott to a place of extreme emotional anguish and reliving this moment of this person dying in his arms, but also looking at him and trying to convince him, ‘I really liked him. I still cared about him. I saw you die,” he said. “This is a really great moment. I loved dying and mustering up enough energy to take out that wallet and slide it over. It is truly commendable that Scott sacrificed his health and life for me [Allison] remember him and himself.”

Realizing that Allison needed proof of what they meant to each other as teenagers, Scott slid his wallet across the floor and asked her to pull out a photo booth picture of them from their first date from the back of his driver’s license. As the memories clearly began to return to Allison, she asked him about the winter party where he first told her he loved her. She then pressed him to remember their breakup in the Season 2 finale when Scott said he knew they were together, and Allison replied that there was no such thing as destiny.

Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf: The Movie

Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf: The Movie


“Do you remember what I told you back?” Scott got Allison in the movie. After a moment and a shocked gasp, Allison whispered, “There are no werewolves.” And everyone let out a sigh of relief when Scott made his first real breakthrough.

“That’s right, baby! I broke those walls,” Posey celebrated during the junket. “That was Scott’s goal. I think he knew in his heart and soul that if anyone was going to get him out of what he was going through, it was him. He just followed this blind faith that he could bring her back. It’s a love story As strange and chaotic as this movie is, and as depressing, dark and dramatic as it is [as it is]it feels like a love story all this time because Scott just pours his heart out to this girl who doesn’t remember him and does [her] remember, “Dude, we’re in love.” … It’s really this love story all the way through Scott trying to get this girl to remember him and remember that he’s in love with her too. She had to grieve and mourn him, but now when he tries to remind her of their past, she’s reminded of it and gets all those feelings again.”

Both Posey and Reed made significant contributions to the scene in addition to providing dialogue on the page. According to Reed, the original plan to block the venue was very different.

“Initially for that scene, director Russell asked if I could stand and pace. I remember thinking it didn’t feel right because it needed to feel a lot more grounded and connected,” she explained. “I wanted to feel Tyler’s energy in that moment… It’s one of the scenes that fans see the most.”

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Posey also helped ensure that one of the most powerful flashbacks of the entire film came to be. Remembering the difference, Allison agreed to help Scott by burning the wolf food off his wound. However, the only flaming instrument in the equipment room was the flare, which is an instant callback to one of the most iconic Teenage wolf episodes of all time, season 3 “Motel California”.

“The script says, ‘Allison has a flashback here. Allison has a flashback here. But there was no blowback on the torch,” Posey revealed. “I was like, ‘This is an episode of ‘Motel California.’ So I went to Jeff [Davis, writer] and I said, “You have to put a flashback here,” and he said, “Ooh, that’s a good idea.” I take credit for that. I don’t know if I should, but I am.”

While Scott and Allison’s full emotional reunion came after Lydia Banshee cried Allison’s memories back to her, the wallet scene showcased the raw chemistry between the two characters that made fans fall in love with them over a decade ago. It was great to see that Posey and Reed still know how to operate one of the show’s most beloved ships.

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