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Many years ago, when Viz comic decided it was time to develop their website, they published a page that read in their inimitable style SH!*E OLD WEBSITE *UC%£D. (Obviously our censorship; Viz has a more liberal and mature profanity policy than progressive broadsheets, corporate firewalls, Football Daily’s granny, etc.) We were reminded of that warning sign earlier when the IMF put out very similar wording. a remark about the current state of this country that caused the likes of Rishi Sunak and Jacob Rees-Mogg to wave in its face, claiming that there was nothing to see here and that everything was fine. Sigh. Greed, short-sightedness and war have done the right amount for us all.

But! There is at least one little piece of good news! Because the Premier League money scam shows no signs of slowing down, much less shrinking like our stupid, stupid patriotism polluted economy! That has to be a good thing, right? Huh? Note that this situation is mainly due to one man spending money like a sailor on a beach vacation. More than £400m has already been whistled out of Todd Boehly’s wallet at speed since taking charge at Chelsea, and a further £115m could follow before the January transfer window closes later on Tuesday if his men can complete a deal for Enzo Fernández. line. Admittedly, all of Boehly’s beans turn the wheels of Portugal’s finances through the Argentinian World Cup winner’s current Benfica bank account, but as Fernández would spend at least part of his wages on London deals, it’s a cash injection. The UK cannot afford to be snobbish right now. Frankly, we are grateful for everything.

At the same time as Tesco begins to raise most of its store counters and create an aesthetic that would make the window of a 1970s Warsaw bakery look like a jeweler’s display on the French Riviera, Chelsea are also looking to spend big on Moisés Caicedo. … if they can persuade Brighton to let go of their young, functional midfielder. That double whammy, in turn, has been the catalyst for Jorginho’s move from the club to Arsenal, who themselves have no shortage of a bob or two and are happy to pay £12m for the privilege of just 18 months’ stint with the Italian national team. . Will the alleged arrivals of Fernández and Caciedo and the departure of Jorginho affect Conor Gallagher, who is on Newcastle’s radar? To be honest Football Daily has no idea, we won’t know until the window closes at 11pm. In that sense we have failed you, but at least our senseless fighting and misfits have not plunged us all into a crisis that will take at least three generations to recover from, if at all.


Deadline Day’s blog rolls past 23:00 GMT, while Scott Murray is on deck for Milk Cup’s MBM coverage of Newcastle 2-1 Southampton (agg: 3-1).


“Policing has failed the Hillsborough disaster deeply for many years and we are sorry that the service got it so wrong. Police failures were the main cause of the tragedy and have continued to haunt the lives of family members ever since. When leadership was most needed, mourners were often treated with indifference and lack of response there was a lack of coordination and supervision.” – The chairman of the National Council of Chief Police Officers, Martin Hewitt, will issue a formal apology for police failings that led to the unlawful killing of 97 people in the 1989 disaster and for the “pain and suffering” the bereaved families have experienced in the decades since.

People place their hands on the Hillsborough memorial outside Saint George's Hall in Liverpool.
Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

“Tony Riley’s dispatch about celebrity-studded Sunday football teams (yesterday’s Football Daily letters) reminded me of my time playing in the British Music League. After graduating with a long-haired mature student from Hartlepool, I got a job in advertising, he (Janick Gers) got a job in Iron Maiden. We both played football together at university , so he invited me to team up with some of his bandmates and other notables, which included Paul Cook of the $ex Pistols (a cultural libero, as it turns out). We played on a lot of labels and with a real dirty group called “Camden Musicians”, but usually in a civilized way at the start , to accommodate the rock star lifestyle and Tin Head. As my mother warned, advertising was full of dilettantes and I only lasted 30 years. However, Jan is still hammering the ax with Maiden to this day – not sure if he’s still playing football,” Gre g Grimmer.

“In addition to readers’ adventures with Rod Stewart (Football Daily letters passim), I interviewed him for the Big Paper 10 years ago and he was eager to discuss our son’s football exploits. I said my son was a good passer and made an amazing amount of long-range crackers, but he didn’t care about tracking or tackling, and I had to keep warning him that players get bored with teammates who don’t go. job. “Oh, my son is the same,” Rod sighed. “I’m always with him on that: ‘You’ve got to track, Sean!'” He paused. ‘How old is your son?’ ‘Nine.’ “Oh, never mind! Mine’s 32! How can you not love her?” – Michael Hann.

“I’m a bit worried about Graham Arnold’s blatant claims that he bleeds every time he puts on a shirt (yesterday’s News, Bits and Bobs, full email edition). Perhaps fabric softener is in order?” – Phil Smith.

Send your letter to [email protected] Today’s winner of our non-prize letter is… Greg Grimmer.

David Squires looks at Everton’s interview process with their newest manager. Watch out for a cameo by killer Duncan Ferguson. You can also get your own copy.

David Squires on the Everton Manager interview process
Zing! Illustration: David Squires/The Guardian


Despite its history of oppressing women’s rights, Saudi Arabia is sponsoring this year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Christian Eriksen crashed three months after Andy Carroll’s weekend challenge, so Manchester United want to replace him with Bayern’s Marcel Sabitzer.

However, Pedro Porro is set to join Spurs from Sporting, and the loan move is set to be upgraded to a €45 million permanent move in the summer.

João Cancelo has received his loan from Manchester City to Bayern Munich. “My decision was related to playing time, which had been little in recent weeks,” he says. – It was thought that my relationship with Pep was not the best, but the fact is that I wanted to play more. I wanted to start this new adventure as soon as possible.”

João Cancelo at Bayern Munich.
Fingers crossed in Munich. Photo: T Kieslich/FC Bayern/Getty Images

He will miss the FA Cup fifth-round trip to Bristol City, while Wrexham or Sheffield United face Spurs in the last 16. Here is the full draw.

Manchester United have apparently told Arsenal where to go following the Gunners’ world-record £500,000 bid for Alessia Russo.

Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe… Gennaro Gattuso is out as Valencia head coach, having won five of 18 games in La Liga this season.

And the next lower league player to keep an eye on is Kabongo Tshimanga, who has joined Peterborough’s striker production line from Chesterfield.


Stay up to date with all the deadline day movers and shakers with our men’s and women’s transfer interactive programs.

Harrison Ashby after joining Newcastle from West Ham.
Harrison Ashby after joining Newcastle from West Ham. Photo: Serena Taylor/Newcastle United/Getty Images

After 251 consecutive appearances in La Liga, Iñaki Williams missed the match for Athletic. But as Sid Lowe reports, some things remain the same.

Originally founded as one of MLS’ marquee franchises with the appeal to attract some of the biggest names in the game, City Football Group has molded NYC FC into a club that develops players for others. Graham Ruthven watches the family drift.


In January 1964, West Brom’s players briefly went on strike in protest at manager Jimmy Hagan’s refusal to allow them to wear tracksuit bottoms during freezing training. In the end, a compromise was reached and the team was allowed to wear them in the warm-up, but not during the actual practice. Remarkably, later that month, Hagan’s life was saved by several of his players as he was finishing practice when he accidentally reversed his car and plunged 100 feet down an embankment and into an icy Birmingham canal. “It’s a good thing you got down so quickly,” Hagan reportedly told his rescuers. “I thought some of you must be good swimmers.”

Jimmy Hagan arrived in training with West Brom on January 1, 1964.
Jimmy Hagan arrived in training with West Brom on January 1, 1964. Photo: Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix/Alamy



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