Governor Mills urges Maine residents to enroll by Dec. 15 for affordable health insurance through


Tomorrow is the last day to register to avoid a coverage gap in 2023

Governor Mills reminds residents of Maine who do not have affordable health coverage that tomorrow, December 15, 2022, is the deadline to register via, The Maine health insurance market, for an affordable health plan that begins in the new year.

The governor urged Maine residents to take action to avoid gaps in coverage. People in Maine who register before midnight tomorrow will have coverage beginning January 1, 2023. Consumers who register after Thursday’s deadline will not be covered for January 2023 but – if they register before January 15 – will be eligible for health insurance which takes effect in February. January 1, 2023. After January 15, the last day of annual open enrollment, only individuals and families eligible for special enrollment periods due to special circumstances, such as a change in employment or the birth of a child. a baby, can take out private health insurance for 2023. .

Visiting CoverME.govMaine residents can compare private plans, apply for financial assistance, and enroll in a 2023 health plan. Health Plans Offered On provide comprehensive, quality insurance that protects consumers in the event of an accident or serious illness and fully pays for preventive screenings.

In 2023, Maine residents will be able to take advantage of additional federal financial assistance, made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act, which makes insurance more affordable than ever. Residents can also get free help choosing the best plan based on their budget and health needs.

“Health care saves lives – and affordable, quality health coverage is available to Maine residents now by visiting“, said Governor Janet Mills. “I urge the people of Maine to visit by tomorrow to review your options and purchase the plan that best suits you and your family to avoid any coverage gaps. Now is the time to act. Please don’t wait.

“If you or your family need health insurance for the New Year, don’t wait – sign up before December 15th to get affordable, quality health insurance that starts January 1st. This is your last chance of avoiding a coverage gap in 2023”, said Jeanne Lambew, commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. “All the plans proposed by cover essential benefits, from checkups to emergency care, and more people than ever are entitled to help paying for their insurance. Visit to protect you and your family in the new year.

“Our trained HelpLine staff are ready to provide free, confidential assistance to Mainers who need help sorting through their health insurance options and signing up for coverage,” said Ann Woloson, executive director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care. “People who need insurance should check their options because most people who buy coverage on their own through can get help paying the monthly premiums. There are now more options available to Mainers than ever before.

Last year, more than 80% of consumers received financial assistance through This year, thanks to a change in federal rules, more families and individuals than ever before will be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for their insurance costs.

In 2023, thanks to the three-year extension of additional assistance provided by the US bailout, 13 million Americans nationwide will save on average $800 per year on their health insurance, according to the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Four out of five customers will be able to find a plan for $10 or less after subsidies.

In addition, a new federal rule fixing the so-called “family problem” means that more family members of Maine workers who have unaffordable employment-based insurance will be eligible for financial assistance through in 2023. Even those who were not eligible in the past should check to see what help may be available in the coming year.

The decline in enrollment from 2017 reversed in 2022 after the first open enrollment period entirely managed by the Office of the Health Insurance Market (OHMI) of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Maine’s increased control over its market, coupled with the expansion of Medicaid, has led to the state having the biggest drop in its uninsured rate among all states in the country in recent years.

From the second year of open enrollment until began November 1, 2022, more than 60,000 Maine residents selected affordable health insurance plans in 2023.

This year, will offer individual plans from Anthem, Community Health Options, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and, recently, Taro Health.

Consumers who already have a plan via are automatically re-enrolled in their current plan or the most similar offer from their health insurance company. Nevertheless, the OHIM encourages those currently registered via to review new plans and update information about their family and income, as new financial assistance may provide more affordable coverage that best meets their needs.

With the tool Plan Compare to, consumers can evaluate available private health insurance plans and estimate their costs before creating an account or completing a full application. The tool also allows consumers to check whether their preferred healthcare providers are included in each plan’s network and view information on coverage and reimbursable costs for prescription drugs.

Free enrollment assistance is available online, by phone and in person to help consumers find the plan that fits their health needs and budget for 2023. Find help or call (866) 636-0355/TTY 711 (for languages ​​other than English, choose option 4).

The Consumer Helpline for Affordable Health Care is available toll-free at 1-800-965-7476.

Maine residents applying via who are eligible for MaineCare will have their application sent to MaineCare for review. Eligible Maine people can enroll in MaineCare any time of the year. is part of Governor Mills’ successful efforts to ensure Maine residents have access to health insurance, including:

  • Medicaid Expansion: Implementing the expansion was Governor Mills’ first official act as governor and his administration’s first step in improving health care for the people of Maine. The federal government pays 90% of the cost of this coverage, which has supported the cost of hospital care for previously uninsured patients, a decision that has been particularly important during the pandemic.
  • Putting Affordable Care Act protections into state law: In 2019, just weeks after the Medicaid expansion, Governor Mills also signed into law bipartisan legislation to codify insurance protections for people with pre-existing conditions, ensuring Maine people with cancer, asthma, or other chronic conditions aren’t charged more or denied coverage private by state-regulated insurance companies.
  • Making health insurance more affordable for small businesses:Thanks to a bill that Governor Mills proposed and signed into law, in 2023, small businesses will see their first annual average reduction health insurance premiums since at least 2001, while average small group premiums in many other northeastern states will rise. The Governor also launched the Small Business Health Insurance Premium Relief Program which reduces the cost of monthly health insurance premiums for small businesses and their employees.


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