Smarsh Enterprise Platform Review: The Complete Guide


As digital transformation continues at an accelerated pace and preferred methods of customer engagement evolve, the average business is leveraging a wider range of communication channels to conduct business. This includes email as well as a mix of mobile, text, social media and collaboration tools.

Supporting this expanded mix of communication types is crucial for businesses to maintain the best possible customer experience, but it is not without its challenges. Governance and regulatory requirements for customer communications are increasing dramatically, and organizations must have adequate visibility into their communications data across all channels.

Smarsh, a leader in the compliance space, has created a purpose-built platform to help companies unify their information, track important communication signals, and analyze critical data. Here’s everything business owners need to know about the Smarsh enterprise platform.

Smarsh Enterprise Platform Review: The Features

The Smarsh Enterprise platform is an end-to-end SaaS solution designed to meet the unique needs of today’s compliance programs. The comprehensive ecosystem provides a centralized environment for management and governance over 100+ communication types and various channels, such as instant messaging, voice, email, and mobile chat.

According to Smarsh Product Manager, Goutam Nadella, the enterprise-grade AI platform was built to deliver the agility businesses need in an ever-changing landscape. With the Smarsh Enterprise platform, companies can support modern working practices, reduce the time spent on complex audit processes, and increase their chances of detecting risks earlier.

The key features of the Smarsh Enterprise platform fall into several key areas:

  • Capture: Smarsh Capture solutions support the collection and management of communication data across more than 100 channels. Capture coverage spans well-known platforms such as Reddit, Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Smarsh natively captures and manages communications from each channel to ingest and enrich content. The open API infrastructure also allows capture of any custom channels that are not natively supported by Smarsh.
  • Archive: With Smarsh Enterprise Archive, enterprises benefit from a complete and compliant storage solution, enabling the most efficient communication retention processes. The petabyte-scale archive is designed to comply with guidelines from regulators such as the FCA, SEC, FINRA and IIROC while providing the tools to manage data privacy requirements such as GDPR and the CCAC. This solution meets the strictest data retention and immutability regulations to keep businesses safe. End-to-end reconciliation gives users full visibility into the volume of data captured from each environment, and managed retention means customers can store data by use case.
  • Warehouse: The Enterprise Warehouse exists at the heart of the Smarsh Enterprise Platform. With an agile elastic infrastructure and exceptional flexibility, the Enterprise Warehouse allows full control over retention periods. Users can benefit from data lifecycle management, short retention periods, and scalable storage. According to Smarsh, the solution can help reduce custody costs by 50% by reducing reliance on disparate systems.
  • Conduct: Smarsh’s Enterprise Conduct system enables business leaders to take their supervision and monitoring strategies to the next level in today’s complex workplace. Using modern artificial intelligence and machine learning, “Conduct” reduces noise in workflows by up to 95% and reveals valuable insights into business operations.
  • Discovery: Smarsh’s Enterprise Discovery supports demanding legal workflows of early case assessment and legal stays. Equipped with a fast search engine, your teams can collect, refine and export a concise set of communications to meet legal requirements without exposing new risks. . All data is kept in the native context and format of the channel.

The Benefits of the Smarsh Enterprise Platform

The Smarsh platform is a robust solution for businesses looking for efficient ways to analyze communication signals and maintain compliance in an evolving landscape. As hybrid and remote working practices continue to evolve, the volume and variety of data that businesses collect and retain is transforming. As the latest communication intelligence solution, the Smarsh enterprise platform enables companies to identify risks across a multitude of communication channels.

Key benefits include:

  • Exceptional coverage: Smarsh natively captures and manages the widest range of communication solutions from over 100 channels to give businesses full control over their data. The petabyte-scale elastic framework ecosystem provides infinite flexibility for growing and evolving brands, enabling excellent data visibility and management.
  • Time saving : Solutions built into the Smarsh Enterprise platform help organizations save time on auditing and data management strategies without compromising compliance. Solutions cover the entire communications data lifecycle for end-to-end efficiency improvements. According to Smarsh, the Reconciliation Dashboard alone can reduce the time spent confirming audit trails by 20%.
  • Native Capture: You need to be where your customers are. Through a native capture process, Smarsh also ensures that you can provide the right customer communication channels, while ensuring regulatory compliance and effective data governance. All data collected from each communication channel maintains its native context and format for unfettered insights. Businesses can use native capture technology to get the best insights and better security management.
  • Excellent security: Smarsh’s elastic and scalable warehousing, archiving, and capture tools provide peace of mind. Smarsh puts cybersecurity first, using advanced encryption to protect data even more effectively than on-premises alternatives. Companies can also implement role-based access policies to protect against data leaks and abuse.
  • Versatile Use Cases: This powerful cloud-native solution ensures that any business can monitor, capture, store and analyze signals in its communication channels, regardless of the complexity of its infrastructure. Smarsh Enterprise Archive adheres to the strictest data retention and governance regulations, including GDPR, IIROC, FINRA, MiFID II, and FCA.

The Smarsh enterprise platform provides businesses with peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital space. Essentially, the Smarsh enterprise platform future-proofs your enterprise data strategies by allowing you to collect, curate, and act on the signals contained in your data.

Who needs the Smarsh enterprise platform?

The complexity of communications data management will only increase in the years to come. As new forms of digital discussion emerge and users of enterprise technologies become increasingly distributed, no organization can afford to underestimate the importance of effective data management. This is especially true when compliance regulations and privacy expectations are also rapidly changing.

With the Smarsh platform, businesses can avoid common headaches associated with capturing, retaining, reviewing, and sharing vital communications data. Leveraging the flexibility, agility, scalability, and performance of the public cloud, the Smarsh enterprise platform simplifies regulatory compliance. This tool enables business leaders to discover risks faster, eliminate threats, and ensure they are always prepared to comply with audits and investigations.


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