The OCBC Premier Banking Multi-Channel Experience


From left to right: Lee Lin Wee, Head of Digital Transformation, Anne Leh, OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad Managing Director and Head of Consumer Financial Services and Ng Say Young, Head of Digital Business

OCBC Premier Banking aims to provide banking services not only through conventional platforms, but also through a wide range of digital channels so that customers can have the flexibility to choose how they want to do their banking. The multi-channel experience marks the beginning of a refreshed set of offerings from OCBC Premier Banking, built on customer insights.

According to Ms. Anne Leh, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Financial Services at OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, at the very heart of the multi-channel strategy is customer focus, ensuring that banking products and services take advantage of the Advantages of physical stores. branch complemented by an efficient digital infrastructure so that customer expectations and the highest service standards are met.

“Since Premier Banking is essentially a relationship-based banking model, our many Premier Centers located across the country continue to play a key role in maintaining the emotional connection with our customers and provide an anchor for deeper human interaction and advice. complex. . The acceleration of digitization allows us to empower our leaders with the right digital tools to serve our customers even better,” she says.

“Our mobile banking services have also been strengthened with payment and wealth management offerings for customers who want simple banking more conveniently and with greater freedom.”

Connectivity and continuity

Through assisted digitization, OCBC Premier Banking presents a unique offering where customers can expect a people-led relationship model that is enhanced by a cutting-edge digital proposition. Launched during the pandemic, the award-winning OCBC RM Chat, the first of its kind, enables clients to communicate and place daily banking and investment instructions securely with their relationship managers through OCBC Internet Banking and Banking. OCBC Mobile. It works like popular chat services like WhatsApp and WeChat, and comes with the level of cybersecurity you’d expect from a bank. There’s also no need to mix forms and callback verifications.

Head of Digital Transformation, Mr. Lee Lin Wee, says that OCBC RM Chat essentially increases access to financial services because it offers a wide range of banking transactions not normally available through other self-assisted channels, such as foreign wire transfers. , financing services and credit cards, and the sale and purchase of more complex investment products without compromising security.

“The superiority lies in its connectivity and continuity, a digital offering with a high-touch service model, because you can be sure that your familiar and friendly relationship manager is on the other end of the chat to help you,” he explains.

Guided by the need to provide greater security for customers to ensure that their data remains safe and secure, OCBC RM Chat was conceived in the context of increasing cases of phishing scams, where perpetrators disguised themselves as legitimate officials to obtain information. To date, more than one in four OCBC Premier Banking customers are using OCBC RM Chat.

The bank in your hand

For non-complex transactions, there is always the option of self-service scanning through OCBC Mobile Banking. By simply entering a mobile phone number or NRIC, money transfers are effortless and instant through DuitNow. DuitNow QR is accepted by many merchants across the country, allowing customers to make payments directly to the merchant through a simple QR code scanning process. The OCBC Mobile Banking app also supports secure, real-time payments for online payments and bills via FPX (Financial Process Exchange) and JomPAY.

As OCBC Premier Banking is a service platform dedicated to long-term relationships across various customer life stages and multiple generations, it seeks to find effective ways for customers, including the younger customer base with second generation wealth, enjoy greater control over their finances. This implies aligning with new expectations where customers value greater autonomy, not only in activities related to daily banking but also in wealth management.

Head of Digital Business, Mr. Ng Say Young, notes that technology plays a critical role in digitizing the wealth management business for the convenience of clients.

“While in the past it was predominantly used to support internal operations, today it is a key differentiator for banks to provide greater control to a customer base that increasingly wants more independence. With OCBC Mobile Banking, customers can now invest in a variety of unit trust funds. They can have access to information like past performance, dividend history, and asset allocation so they can evaluate, compare, and understand fund details to make a confident decision,” he says.

“The process to buy or sell investment funds is also simplified and transparent with clear instructions. New investors can take their time to understand the characteristics of the funds and start at their own pace with a minimum amount. We believe that by investing in technology, we can improve the way we operate and elevate the customer experience.”

Preparing the banking experience for the future

At OCBC Bank, future-proofing the customer experience includes keeping cybersecurity a top priority. Recently introduced, the OCBC Kill Switch allows customers to immediately freeze their bank accounts and cards through a 24/7 interactive self-service voice response service if they suspect a scam.

According to Ms. Leh, the bank has been closely monitoring the increase in scam-related banking transactions to close the loopholes that scammers seek to exploit.

“With OCBC’s Kill Switch, customers can now take the important first step of freezing their accounts much faster than ever before by calling the bank’s contact center and pressing ‘8.’ Our Customer Service Executives will help you block access to your bank account or compromised cards and issue new cards. Only our bank staff can disable the OCBC Kill Switch, and that too after receiving verified instructions from the client,” she says.

“While there will always be some type of cyber risk every time we go online, the digitization of banking is here to stay. We are committed to implementing enhanced security measures and educating our customers on how to use digital channels safely. This is based on a service model that combines human interaction with digital support, which is a fundamental part of the strategy for a financial services provider like us. It allows our customers to intuitively access our services, either through assisted scanning or self-service scanning or at any of our Premier Centers.”

OCBC Premier Banking aims to place the bank’s customers in an advantageous position for their wealth, convenience and experience needs. Learn more about OCBC Wealth Account, OCBC Premier Family, OCBC RM Chat and more by scanning the QR code here.


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